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Alan's complaint against BT

Alan Falconer


BT have left me without landline since 21 Dec 2015

Complaint against BT

Complaint re. is 151222 009368. BT supposedly tried to phone me on a mobile on 22 Dec. They said they'd phone back on 30 Dec. My mobile was faulty and I didn't get their call. I emailed them to insist that they contact me by email only. Since 30 December I have had no response other than an email to another of their customers which was misdirected to me. It is clear that I need an engineer to restore my carelessly disrupted line. A simple matter but BT seem unwilling to deal with my complaint.

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BT has not yet responded

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Alan Falconer | | VERIFIED

In last seven days have received 4 or 5 emails from a BT troubleshooting team. Was told my line would be restored by end of 13th but nothing seems to have been done. BT have set themselves a deadline of 1700 hours on 14 January to resolve the problem but I'm not holding my breath. Emails from BT should be formulated to accept a customer response. Otherwise it becomes a BT monologue.

Rhodri Windsor | | VERIFIED

I've had many similar experiences with BT. After 30 years of loyalty I finally gave up and moved to Virgin Media. BT are an unaccountable monolithic (more or less) monopoly

Alan Falconer | | VERIFIED

i'm beginning to feel the same way. and they're going to get even bigger when they acquire E/E mobile phones.
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