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Mike's complaint against BT

Mike Nicholls


Shoddy service when changing to BT

Complaint against BT

After 2 weeks BT have failed to activate two e-mail addresses after I migrated to BT from Demon. They have consistently evaded providing a plain answer to a plain question and failed to call back when promised. The 'helpers' seem unable to understand plain english and do their job. Eg: My IT engineer: "What are the steps for installing an email account on an iPad?"; BT 'helper': "Oh yes, Android". My IT Engineer: "What is the code we need to set up the e-mail?"; BT 'helper': "I'll email it to you"! How does this work when the e-mail is not set up? I could go on... In the end, we set up two Outlook accounts on four devices in about 20 minutes and cut BT out of the e-mail deal altogether.

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BT failed to resolve this complaint

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Mike Nicholls | | VERIFIED

Absolutely no response from BT. Why should they bother? They are big and I am small!
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