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Mo's complaint against Euro Car Parks

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Appalling Customer Service

Complaint against Euro Car Parks

I received a parking ticket on the 08/12/2019 in Cardinal Retail Park, Ipswich for parking my vehicle ‘without purchasing a ticket’. I attended KFC post gym session, where it is clearly signposted all KFC customers are entitled to a free 1 hour parking providing they park in the allocated red bays which i did. Whilst in KFC i started to experience the symptoms of hypoglycemia as i am a type 1 diabetic. My intention was never to get any food from KFC but a coffee but once I started to experience low sugar level i then decided to get a full meal. In this moment my only concern was to bring my sugar level back up and most importantly as i am driving, according to DVLA criteria i have to wait 45 minutes before i can start driving again Because of this i was completely oblivious of the time. Once i received my ticket, i made an appeal with high hopes that they will be able show reason and understanding and on this occasion waive the fine. Shockingly they responded back but failed to acknowledge any of my points such as being a KFC customer or my life long health condition. The reasons why they have rejected my appeal seems very generic and the entire email seems very generic itself. It seems as if they have not taken the time to consider my appeal which i believe has been justified. Furthermore, it’s as if they have a template prepared which they send to every individual that appeals against them. I have been a user of Cardinal Retail Park for more than 10 years and have never failed to pay for a ticket until now which was due to a serious health situation. Despite my effort in providing all the relevant evidence such as proof of being a diabetic, proof of purchase at KFC and my NHS medical card. They have completely disregarded and ignored me and insinuated in their rejection email that i have intentionally parked my vehicle without a ticket, or i may have had an ulterior motive to cheat the system. I am also a member of Better Gym, where their car park is also owned and monitored by Euro Car Parks, as well as many other businesses. I really hope all these business that pay Euro car park to have their customers use the car park realise they in actuality are cheating and extorting money from their customers which will inevitably effect their business. To give an example, if you view my gym’s reviews on Google, you will see all the negative comments of wrongful issuing of car parking tickets by Euro car parks! I hope all those businesses in Cardinal Retail Park realise sooner or later Euro Car Park will have a very detrimental and negative effect on their business. Just look at your customer reviews on google!! Overall I am appalled, disappointed and disgusted with the level of service and the lack of sensitivity they have shown towards me.

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