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Geoffrey's complaint against Euro Car Parks

Geoffrey Roberts


Parking Notice Appeal to Euro Car Parks not dealt with satisfactorily

Complaint against Euro Car Parks

My appeal to Parking Charge notice No 88881534986 was dismissed without addressing the reason given for my appeal in their email response. I paid £4 in coins for the parking period concerned on 3rd November 2018. The email attachment they sent says I did not purchase a ticket and that I should have paid £3. The email was of the type that did not accept replies. On the day of the event the machine did not issue a ticket but I entered my full Car Reg Number into the machine and inserted four £1 coins. The car park had entry and exit cameras. I therefore took it that tickets were not issued for their system. It now seems clear that their machine was faulty if it should have issued a printed ticket. This would have been my response to their dismissal email. Having paid fully for the parking I would like the Notice to be cancelled.

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Mr Happy | | VERIFIED

I never received the first letter (i bet they have never heard this before) received second letter and paid £85 what a ripoff

Sharon Webley | | VERIFIED

You shouldn't have paid. They're just cowardly bullies.We refused to pay and they gave up.
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