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Christopher's complaint against Xbox

Christopher Abrahams


Fifth Accessory failure and the forth time I've had to pay

Complaint against Xbox

The failure rates of the Xbox One accessory products are too high. The controller that came with my Xbox One started to fail, the right stick kept drifting. contacted Microsoft and they replaced it for free. GREAT Then a few months later the Kinect died, just never turned back on. back onto support and was told that I would have to pay £50 to replace as the warranty was gone. So I paid, was the same price as being an 2nd hand one. a few weeks later the headset broke and knowing my Warranty for the system had ended I decided to skip paying £30 through customer service to replace the cheap product when the premium stereo headset was only £40. OK better an upgrade. a month after that the replacement controller developed the exact same fault but was informed by MS that the replacement's warranty had also ended and offered me a replacement replacement at £50 which is higher than buying another controller from a shop, so I did. now the Stereo headset has died, I contacted support was told it was out of warranty and that they could replace it for £55, I pointed out that was £15 more expensive than what I paid for it plus the adapter. they returned with an offer of £39.99, which is the RRP of the headset + adapter, I don't need the adapter. So here I am 3 controllers, 2 kinects and 3 headsets (if I replace this one) in. for a device 2 years in its just unacceptable that I'll spent 1/3 of the systems RRP on replacement parts. I'm a 7 year subscriber and my loyalty is seemingly rewarded by an £40-£50 tax every 5 months.

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