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Debbie's complaint against United Airlines

Debbie Nicol


Paying for 1st Class and not receiving the service I paid for

Complaint against United Airlines

I travelled with United Airlines back in September, my first flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, I was so impressed with United, the plane and the cabin crew were outstanding, I was so excited as from Honolulu to Houston we had upgraded to First Class, I was even more excited about this after that trip as we walked through your Business Class on the way to our seats, the announcements on the plane were saying that First Class passengers had shoulder straps as well, and the cabin crew were telling me how good it was, flat beds etc, this was a special treat for my 50th Birthday, we paid approx $2000 each on top of the airfare for the upgrade. On your website it shows state of the art chairs and cabin it looks amazing!! However this is were the disappointment began, we arrived at the airport and was refused admittance to the Business Lounge, we had paid $2000 each, it was so humiliating, I have never know a First Class Passenger not allowed in the Business Lounge. While I do appreciate that you sometimes have to use different planes due to operating reasons, but the plane was so old it didn't even have in chair entertainment, I had to hold an tablet the whole journey, not easy when your trying to eat! the seat didn't really recline let alone flat bed, the food, was not your First class Experience It was a bowl of rocket for starter, can't remember main meal and for dessert no choice just chocolate ice-cream with squirting cream, it was a disgrace, my foot rest was also broken. I feel I was sold a "First Class Experience" which what I was so looking forward to it was meant to make a trip very special, you can not charge that amount of money for what you gave us, I can't believe that other people of our flight paid the same amount of money! I have been speaking to United employee and he said you can't give part refunds, even though it not part as we paid the extra for the upgrade after, even though he said that he gave me a $100 refund on the upgrade for the Honolulu flight, so I am very confused. I will be honest with you what would put some faith back in United was if you gave one of us a full refund on one of the upgrades, considering the problems we had as that was not all! Another important concern was we travelled on September 11th not a happy day in Americas history, while in the queue to get on the plane I noticed that a passenger had left their phone behind, I felt this was a security risk so spoke to the United representative and he didn't care, I had to get out of the queue and speak to someone else who was helpful We then had a third flight with you to Toronto, we were separated by the aisle and it wasn't even economy plus on the flight even though I had booked and paid for it a year ago, the United representative was rude just typing on computer and when I said I paid for a seats together she stated you just pay for seat on plane, but I had paid extra to choose my seats, plus on the plane cabin crew served all the economy passengers first which is odd. The thing was there was no one in the seats either side of us, so why they did that I do not know, we could of had seats together! As I stated earlier United employee has offered us vouchers but we live in the UK, so we are unable to use them

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