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Mihaela's complaint against Kube Studios

Mihaela Piculist


[RESPONDED] contract issue

Complaint against Kube Studios

I am writing you regarding a contract that I signed last year on 19 October . I just reread the copy of the agreement and I found that I've been deceived on the information I received on the day , and on the quality of the product as well. I do remember the day I had the photo shooting and how everybody tried very hard to convince me to buy a portfolio , and not any of them , but the most expensive one. After a couple of days I start to see clearly all the situation and I called for cancelling.Only to be told that this is impossible , but in accordance with consumer credit act 1974(amended in 2006 and then in 1 October 2015), I have up to 14 days to cancel any type of contract , as long as I return any received goods (nothing received ,on this case).So , I had been misinformed. On the second hand , all the pictures happen to be faulty , as the make-up artists misuse the lipstick , drawing an unsteady line . As I've been misinformed and as I did not use any of your goods that I already part pay them,I request cancelling and refund. PS: I still receive messages on my phone with different offers in order to pay more money for something that I've been tricked to buy , and I don't need.

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Aaron Nundloll | | VERIFIED

I think the response from Kube Studios is very classless. You should not air clients defaults publicly, very shameful.

Kube Studios | | VERIFIED

Hi Mihaela The first time you contacted us to cancel a finance contract you had defaulted on, was 5th August 2016. That is the same day you wrote this compaint, and some 10 MONTHS AFTER you made the order. It is simply too late to amend an agreement after so long. I understand that Credit Control has been contacting you over the period about the default.
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