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Sandra's complaint against Kube Studios

Sandra Lawrence


False information

Complaint against Kube Studios

I took my daughter there under the impression it was a modeling agency they took photos then told me she would go far and I was charged £2000 for the disc with the photos on we were told they would set up a website for her and it would go to all their reputable model agencies and casting agents we were led to believe that was what I was paying for but after 8 months I heard nothing from them I cancelled the direct debit after paying them £1050 and got nothing in return I contacted them and went into dispute it has now come back that I have still to pay the full amount they said I paid for the photo disc but who would pay £2000 just for that I feel we have been conned and I really resent having to pay the rest it is now going to a collection agent for the money that I have to ring them on Monday but don't know what to do.

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Kube Studios | | VERIFIED

Hi Sandra. You came to our Manchester studio on 20th June 2015 and placed a large order and received all the goods in a timely manner. To pay for the goods you entered into a Fixed Sum Loan Agreement with Ezi Pay (FIS Global). You never at any stage raised a complaint with Kube Studios about any aspect of your purchase. You then defaulted on your payments to Ezi Pay and they are now chasing you for the full balance owed. You had 14 days to withdraw from the loan which you did not. Or 90 days ...

Kube Studios | | VERIFIED

.. under Consumer Protection Acts. In fact you emailed Kube Manchester on 2nd February 2016 saying that you wanted to stop the direct debit. Ezi Pay raised a dispute which you lost on the grounds all goods received and no prior dispute raised. Ezi Pay now own and manage the debt.

Sandra Lawrence | | VERIFIED

You say goods were received but what did we get that would help her modeling career certainly not £2000 worth. You told us her profile would go to all modeling agencies and casting agents and wait for the phone to start ringing they were your words. You advertise you are a. company that gets models into the industry yet you did nothing for us we were completely taken in by your false promises to us. Even our photos we had to pay to be edited as some were very orange.

Sandra Lawrence | | VERIFIED

All they want is the money they are not willing to help or compromise
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