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Yamna's complaint against Kube Studios



[RESPONDED] Manipulated into paying large amount of money and not delivering promises

Complaint against Kube Studios

I had the misfortunate of being stuck in a deal with Kube studios 2 and half years ago. I was under 21 then and their rules are that you have to be accompanied by a guardian. Even though I was 20, they still agreed to sign the contract. They promised me all this support and amazing photos that would help me on a modelling career. However, the nearly £3000 was ridiculous, not only did I try cancelling the contract - being only a student, they didn't let me and also sent to debt collections. I am still in studying and having to pay off this ridiculous good for nothing sum. It has put me in major financial problems as I am still studying. Not only this but the pictures are terrible quality, any modelling job I have shown it to has told me they are not professional quality. I recieved zero support, just a stupid CD. I am outraged by the way they manipulate young people into these deals with their manipulation and way of promoting false goods and services. I hate how much money I have already given and do not want to continue at all.

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Kube Studios | | VERIFIED

Yamna, you came on the 21st March 2013. You ordered a large package of £2,390 for which you took out a fixed sum loan with Ezi Pay. Ezi Pay is a bank (FIS Global) which offers our clients credit in order to purchase goods. Naturally, they are very careful who they deal with. You had 14 days to withdraw from that loan no questions asked. They are possibly chasing you (not Kube) as I assume you defaulted on payments. Those who make an effort usually find results - as per our Twitter Feed

Kube Studios | | VERIFIED

As you came 3 years ago we can no longer help you. Had you contacted us sooner (much sooner) we could have done something. Our goal in Customer Services is to always listen to our clienst and try and resolve any issues. We cannot guarantee your success based on purchasing a product - most of it is down to the efforts you make. Our work is of an excellent standard. Again, see our Twitter feed twitter.kubestudios_ to see genuine feedback from 100's of clients. One cannot rely on Google.

Yamna | | VERIFIED

I actually I tried to cancel the contract within 12 days! I have emails as evidence, I was immediately directed to Ezi Pay instead of trying to help me out. At the time I came for for a shoot, I was 20 and you were full away that I was a student in full time education. I thought your policy was that I had to be accompanied by a parent over 21 so how could you let me sign the contract? I additionally even came into the studios to try and resolve the matter with you without any help.

Yamna | | VERIFIED

Ezi Pay have in fact been more helpful and realise that I am a full-time student. You on the other hand, didn't offer any follow up support of service that you claimed. The website doesn't work and the price is extortion. After being with a modelling agency, they had to completely retake my photos without any of these ridiculous prices as the photos were not deemed of the right quality. So please do not tell me that I should have tried to contact you sooner when I contacted you within the 14 day

Yamna | | VERIFIED

nd instead of trying to help me cancel the payment, you instead just suggested stretching out the payments at a longer period. I am appalled by the service and way of tangling young people into paying ridiculous amounts.
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