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Vicky's complaint against Kube Studios

Vicky Davis


[RESOLVED] - Pressurised & Misleads for Massively Over Priced Package

Complaint against Kube Studios

We were taken into a room to view the photos an were told for £2,500, we would get a portfolio, photos on disc, digital z-card and website. We were not allowed to go away to think about it. We were told the decision ha to be made there and then and the contract was non-cancellable. We were told that they would not rest until she was signed to an agency and told that we 'should' do it because the photos were so good. We subsequently put ourselves mini debt to pay it and once we'd paid, we were given contact details of agencies who would be interested in signing her. It was then down to us to us to get her signed, which went against what we were led to believe. We were told that we wouldn't have to pay the agencies any fees except for commission, but actually the 3 agencies they referred us to all charge upfront fees. I then researched other agencies and signed with them. They either don't charge upfront fees or their charges are MUCH less. The website is effectively useless, as I have not been given the rights to the domain or the access to update it myself. As my daughter is 9, she is growing very fast and the website will be out dated very soon. I have also since found out that it will only be live for 1 year which wasn't explained to us at the time. The z card is also useless, because we have no need to self promote, as I have since discovered that the only way to get work as a child model is through an agent. Since researching other agents, I have found that professional photos are not needed and they actually advise against using modelling platforms such as Kube. We were certainly rail roasted into this and were not given time to think about it or change our minds. If I had, I would never have gone through with it and I now regret doing it. The package was heavily over priced and I would like Kube to offer a refund of £1,000 to rectify the situation. Even though £1,500 would still be over priced!

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Kube Studios resolved this complaint

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Kube Studios | | VERIFIED

Hi Vicky, Every child agency requires professional photos - and many offer the service directly against the Employment and Agencies Act intentions when it was amended. Please can you contact us directly at [email protected] We cannot deal with customer service issues on a third party platform. We very much want to help so please do get in contact as soon as possible. Thank you.

Vicky Davis | | VERIFIED

Hi, it is not always true that agencies require professional photos, but some of the agencies I've contacted have offered a professional portfolio for around £80, which is a massive difference in price to what I paid Kube. I have emailed the address you provided yesterday and am waiting for a response

Vicky Davis | | VERIFIED

The case has been resolved.
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