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Sarah's complaint against Kube Studios

Sarah Taylor


[LAPSED] Total Con

Complaint against Kube Studios

We were told that my daughter was amazing and had what it takes to be a model,looks etc, they did a free shoot and after we waited ages and were took into a room with my daughter to say that they were really excited about her looks and she had the potential..., £1000 for the package , (that was not the highest price they offered ) we had to decide then and now, we said we hadn't got that money, my daughter was looking at us, we felt awful, we knew our daughter was nice looking but even we were convinced by this man telling us how stunning our daughter was , she was so excited, imagine the scene . I phoned my mum and borrowed a 1000 pounds, we said we have been told she will make the money and we will pay you back, my daughter never did, my mum died shortly after. That still lives with me. These people are a con, genuine con artists, the studio was packed that day and because you genually believe them. I am not stupid or so i thought I am a professional lady. I was stupid that day. what did I gain. nothing apart from build my daughter up to demoralize her in an instant, and something a few years later I still think about and get really angry over it . oh and guess what , they are on watch dog tonight...same old. They are nothing but robbing and deceiving who should be brought to justice, who will do what it takes to take your money, do not be taken in by these people

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