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Heather's complaint against Kube Studios

Heather lovelace


[RESPONDED] Wanting to Cancel Contract

Complaint against Kube Studios

I applied for luxe models/Kube studios and received a call back the next day. I spoke to a very friendly yet a very believable woman. I went to the shoot and they said I'd have 3 makeup and hairstyles, yet I only had 2? The photographer seemed to be very rushed, didn't take much effort in helping me model and this was my first time in a "professional" environment! As I thought that it was professional I just assumed that this was normal behaviour but now two weeks on I really want to cancel! The photos of me I personally didn't like as they didn't make me look like me, but I was convinced that we are all our own worst critic and that I am model material and I could go far in commercial work. The woman who shown me my photos was lovely, but she only shown me a few of my photos and I had 61!! She went through the packages with me that I think are ridiculously overpriced. She asked for a £250 deposit despite the £50 deposit and she never once mentioned the refund and I also wasn't asked for ID. I paid £50 on top of the £50 deposit I made a week before the shoot as I couldn't make the £250 deposit and went ahead with the £1,000 package. The woman on the phone said that you forward our photos to over 200 agencies yet the woman showing me my photos that it's 1000 agencies... She also said I'd never have to pay anymore money to another agency that they forward us to yet I received an email yesterday for a job and in the email it said I had to make a "one off payment" of £50??!! I'd like to know exactly what we are paying the £1000 for if we still have to make more deposits??! I've also spoken to a signed model that came to yourselves for a shoot and said she was scammed out of thousands. I'd also like to know how to cancel my contract and get a full refund. Thank you.

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Aaron Nundloll | | VERIFIED

I think the response from Kube Studios is very classless. You should not air clients defaults publicly, very shameful.

Kube Studios | | VERIFIED

Hi Heather Please email [email protected] to resolve your enquiry please. Thank you.
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