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kelly's complaint against Burger King

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being refused service

Complaint against Burger King

on saturday 21st november we attended robin park burger king along with 30 friends we was on route to a rally for a little girl who is 3 and is dying so me and my friends all got food and drinks and left to attend our rally i then revistited the shop on my way home to get my sons tea i pulled up at the drive tru and waited for at least 5 minutes nobody took my order so whist waiting i was trying to cheer my daughter up as we had been to a very sad event so we was having a laugh 5 minutes later i went to the 1 window nobody came i went to the next window where the manager and all the staff came she was very rude to me infront of my 15 year old daughter where she told me i had been aggresive and threatening and she would not serve me im absolutly dissgusted at the way i was treated i had been in the shop 3 times this night and was not at all aggressive or threatening

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