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Tony's complaint against NRG Binary

Tony dunn


NRG Binary phoned me twice asking to invest money

Complaint against NRG Binary

I opened an account with 250 Euros with a trading signasl app so didn"t know who the broker was until I saw it was NRG binary. A broker rang me after the 1st day.asking to invest more money. I said I could not afford it. 2-3 wks later I had made a few hundred euro profit They rang again asking the same question about paying the more money & i would make 25% profit per month but quite reasonably said no. Not long after, I tried to login to the NRG site directly which I could do before but my email/passwrd was not recognised. Yet logging in via the signals app, my money still shows correctly. what"s going on?

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Tony dunn | | VERIFIED

Update: I meant I"m now worried if I can ever withdraw any money
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