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Trevor's complaint against Arriva

Trevor williams


Cattle wagons.

Complaint against Arriva

Having grandchildren living in Cardiff rather than drive we thought we'd let the train take the strain,how wrong arriva trains have absolutely no thought for passengers comfort or safety. On the journey from Rhyl north Wales to Cardiff I along with my wife ,a family of six with one child in a pushchair had to stand crammed in the vestibule for the first quarter of our journey ,the refreshments trolley couldn't move from its location at the front of the train because of overcrowding so the guard asked anyone that wanted any food or hot drinks to make their way to the trolley so much for h&s .Station after station the guard would come over the address system asking people to squeeze more together in the isles so more people could be crammed in ,in the end we refused to let anymore passengers get on at the door we were standing by. This is not the first time it's happened to me and you would think I'd learn my lesson.I did make a very strong complaint to Arriva Trains suggesting that on a two hundred mile journey they might consider putting more than TWO carriages in service,they replied with their pre written apologies and an insight as to how this abysmal service operates and an offer of five per cent off my next journey ,I declined their offer and asked them to put it towards bettering their company as obviously they need the money more than me.

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