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Gary's complaint against Fone Angels

Gary saunders


A simple iPad screen repair took Foneangels 6 weeks and then another 5 to date.

Complaint against Fone Angels

I sent an iPad to Foneangels for repair of a cracked screen. I was contacted and advised that needed a new volume button as the one fitted was going wrong and was likely to break very soon. The iPad finally came back six weeks after send it off for repair. When it arrived there was a problem with the home button which was slightly misaligned and was sticking. I returned it to Foneangels immediately and received two emails advising of receipt and examination by the tech team. Lo and behold, four weeks have passed with no further communication and no iPad. I have phoned and emailed a umber of times during the past four weeks and have had no further advice from Foneangels. I suspect thatchy have ceased trading!

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