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Lee's complaint against Rated People

Lee Benzaken


[RESPONDED] Rated people deleted my account and wont tell me why!?

Complaint against Rated People

Please help. My business account has been deleted. Nobody on their customer service team will tell me why. They refuse to give me an explanation. They were so unhelpful. I'm so confused as to why it has been deleted as I have a five star rating with a 100% positive customer feedback. I need my account/website reinstated as I am losing work. This has been going on for days now. I need answers. Please help!

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Stuart Duffin | | VERIFIED

Had the same problem, have nothing but fantastic reviews. the Problem is that Rated people dont have the Customer service to look at cases so they set up policies that their limited staff must adhere to rather than look at the case individually.. I'm pretty sure the validation team is one person who google searches the company and if an old address pops up or you have not updated you trading address that one person taps a button and your gone.. rated people are worlds behind Checkatrade and rest

Darren Jones | | VERIFIED

I have had my account closed today with 5 star ratings 100% feedback that took me years to build up! I have not been told the reason why and have contacted customer services who said they can't help I feel really disappointed that rated people treat there customers like this especially when all I do is praise them up when other tradesmen put them down I've spent a ton of money building my site with no complaints at least give people the opertunity to put what's wrong right before there deleted

Rated People | | VERIFIED

Rated People does not publicly comment on issues with individual member accounts. However, our Business Validation team has spoken with Lee to inform him that for reasons in accordance with our Business Validation Policy, issued to all Rated People tradesmen, we have had to terminate his membership. We wish him the very best of luck with his endeavours outside Rated People.

Lee Benzaken | | VERIFIED

Yes Rated people, You've told me that, but you never asked me to validate my business. You just shut my account down without contacting me first. I still have no idea why you couldn't validate my business. You're behaviour seems extremely suspicious to me. I've had the same business for years. Google it! Arcania Decorating services. What's the problem? Why would you shut down an account with perfect customer feedback? I paid my membership, paid for my leads and have done nothing wrong. Answers?
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