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Dan's complaint against Rated People

Dan Dascalu


Refund policy for Rated People

Complaint against Rated People

For about 1-2 months i'm quite frustrating with Rated People refund policy. The facts are that i've bought several leads and for 3 of them i applied for a refund because the homeowners didn't even aswered to my calls/emails so i had a 0 feedback , basicaly i didn't get in touch with them. Each time Rated People aswered that they are declining the refund because: "You are receiving this email because the number of leads you have requested credit for exceeds what we assess is normal for your trade and area. We measure the quality of our leads using in-depth research and technology methods, and we check every Lead Credit request with homeowners to validate your request." If someone knows i would like to know under what autority regulates Rated People or to what instituion should i address because i can't throw for each lead £50 and at one point it's very frustrating. Many thanks Dan

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John Cavill | | VERIFIED

I have the same complaint it happens a lot
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