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Dee's complaint against Concentrix

Dee Donald


Single parent family in poverty due to concentrix

Complaint against Concentrix

Concentrix stopped my child and working tax credits around 6/7 weeks ago due to an apparent working hours check. I sent a whole years worth of payslips to them as soon as HMRC explained to me my case was passed to concentrix and that they no longer had control over my renewal or could do anything to resolve this. My 2 sons and I have been put into serious financial harship due to this incompetent company. Trying to contact concentrix is appalling. Their lines are constantly busy with only an enagged tone...I've redialled this company over 30 times in one day before getting through and then out on hold for over an hour just to be spoken to with utter disrespect and don't right rudeness from there disgraceful staff. I almost lost my job as I couldn't bear to leave the house as I was so depressed and cried for days upon days over this. Luckily after having to tell my manager exactly what was going on she let me keep my job although I can barely afford the travel expense to even get there. I've lost over a stone in weight in the last 2 weeks due to the stress of wondrous how long the food will stretch for my kids and debt letters coming through the door for rent arrears council tax arrears etc and I fear if this isn't resolved soon I will lose my home and me and my 2 childrent will be out on the street. I could go on and write more of all the undignified ways this company have been treating my family and thousands of other parents in the same position or worse than me. Thanks for reading Dee Donald

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