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Richard's complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

Richard McMullen


Thieves are stealing our money under the names of Stemologica & orbeaute

Complaint against Stemologica and Beautemer

I was offered a trial of there products for £3.99 & Beautemer serum for £4.99. I took up the offer, but never received the goods. I was horrified when I checked my credit card and found they had taken £99.98 & £97.95 for these items. I e-mailed the company but have had no response. I phoned the company on the numbers which appeared on my credit card statement but they don't exist. When I contacted my bank they said they could not help as I had authorised the payments all they could do was stop any further payments. This is a scam that many people have been caught out with, they don't tell you that you have to return the items or you will be charged the full price. Bottom line is I have been ripped off big style and according to my bank there is nothing I can do about it.

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Sue Walters | | VERIFIED

I have been successful in obtaining a refund from this company recently and i might be able to help. Visit the Facebook page and join the group. We are planning to negotiate a refund with Stemologica and the more people that join the stronger the voice. I will represent all that join free of charge but will need some details if you are interested. Find me on Facebook - my profile pic is my consumer champion logo of 3 men on a podium.
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