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Natalie's complaint against Groupon

Natalie Parry


I had fraud committed on my Groupon account and still haven't received a response/refund

Complaint against Groupon

I had fraud committed on my Groupon account end of last year/beginning of this year - a lady managed to sign into my account and order a child's activity table using my PayPal details (this was all confirmed by Groupon).. Once reported, they advised the relevant dept had to look into it! I had no communications or response for months despite me sending numerous emails and making lots of unsuccessful phone calls! Eventually they agreed to close my account an advised a refund would be given! I kept checking my PayPal and they assured me it had been paid, but I didn't receive the payment! They then sent me a form that I had to complete with my bank details (I had to send this twice!!!) and was informed I'd recieve payment back in 20 days! That was months ago and now they do not reply to my emails/tweets/calls! And just keep saying "they are looking into it" This whole situation has been very stressful and I do not understand how something (that was no fault of my own) has taken so long and it's not even resolved! They still haven't even explained how the woman was able to sign into my account! I'm fuming! Please help?

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