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Natalie's complaint against Sony

Natalie Silbery


Child purchase unauthorised on Playstation 4 FIFA 16

Complaint against Sony

My son has purchased 117.00 pounds worth of FIFA packs without my knowledge or permission. I wish to have this refunded to me. My son is 6 years old, this is not his fault and it is very underhand practice by PlayStation. I purchased the game and they stored my card details when they are not necessary, other than to exploit money making opportunities like this. I fully understand that the FIFA packs would have been used, however I am asking under the circumstances that PlayStation offer some sympathy and ethical practice. My son is 6 years old. We have never owned a PlayStation of any kind. He was excited and now he is extremely upset and does not want to use the PlayStation, despite our assurances. Perhaps we were ignorant to the fact that it would be possible for a 6 year old child to purchase £117.00 worth of extras without my knowledge or consent. I know they will have this all "covered" in their terms and conditions, however I do not believe that this is in any way fair or just. Kind regards, Natalie Silbery

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