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Lynn's complaint against Hotpoint

Lynn eardley


Tumble dryer recall

Complaint against Hotpoint

I purchased my tumble dryer last happens to be on the recall list.i contacted hot point who said I will be contacted shortly this was in February 24th I'm contacted by hot point and advised they will repair my dryer in December.or as a goodwill gesture I can pay 99 pounds for a new dryer.i don't really have an option as I'm afraid to use my existing dryer and I need it because I have no outside drying space.why should I have to pay for someone else's problem.its hot points fault.i paid for the dryer I wanted its faulty but I have to pay for it to be replaced,I understood if I buy faulty goods I could get my money back or a replacement free of why are hot point allowed to get away with this.i suppose they are going to take my dryer fix it and sell it reconditioned .so hot point wont be much out of pocket.its disgusting.also today my friend rang hot point to ask for replacement dryer at a cost of 99 pounds only to be told they don't have anymore in stock

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