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Julie's complaint against Hotpoint

Julie Green


[RESOLVED] - Was told in January I would be getting a new replacement dryer and now saying I have to pay!.

Complaint against Hotpoint

I registered my Indisit drier on there website on 24th November 2015, I made a phone call to them in January because I had not heard anything from the company and they said they will replace my drier free of charge and somebody would phone me back within a week to sort delivery out 3 weeks later still nobody had phoned me back so having tried over a week to get through to company and a very rude person on other end of phone I left it at that. I than phoned back up through another number through Hotpoint and the man on the phone said I would have to pay £59.00 to get a new drier now which I explained I was told in January I would be getting a new one free of charge which he said sorry I would have to pay the money so left it at that. I have phoned up today Hotpoint customer services and spoke to a nice girl who said they have had a lot of customers who have been told they would be getting it free of charge and who now have been given choice to pay some money towards a new one. I am complaining about false information I have been given and having to put money to new drier when I decide what to do or even take the matter further. I have just had a conversation with my friend who said she logged her drier on the same date has me and she has had a new drier in December replaced free of charge hers was nine years old. I'm sure you can see my frustration this is the first time I have complained about anything but not getting anywhere. I also sent an email to Hotpoint Customer Services about 7 to 10 days ago and said will try and answer within 48 hours and guess what no reply back. Very poor service not happy at all.

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Hotpoint resolved this complaint

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Nichola Dugmore | | VERIFIED

absolutely shocking service

Julie Green | | VERIFIED

Received phone call from Hotpoint last week and now have had delivery of a brand new dryer free of charge due to my complaint I logged on Hotpoint site.
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