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yageswaree jungbadoor's complaint against Heathrow Airport

yageswaree jungbadoor


baggage was opened at the collecting point with my belongings on top of it and new sunglasses broken

Complaint against Heathrow Airport

I went to collect my luggage but could not find it on the track. I then saw one similar to mine opened and on the floor. My daughter went to look at it and it was indeed mine. The padlock was intact but somehow it was opened with my belongings on top of it. It was as if someone went through it and just left it there. A member of staff advised me to inform the ccustomer service which I did. I was told that it must have happened in Mauritius which doesn't make sense. How did it landed opened with my clothes and duty free bags on top of it? Surely it was not handled with care and someone must have gone through my stuff and left it broken and exposed. I felt violated,ashamed and angry.The customer service staff weighed it ,with no change and told me nothing is missing and reassured me that it was the security. How can security went through my stuff in my absence? What if illegal things were put in my suitcase and I get the blame? The customer service staff did not write down anything and told me it is normal for security to do that. Surely there is camera who can traced who did such a horrible act. Arriving home,I looked at my belongings and to my utter shock I found my new sunglasses which I did not wear broken. It looks as if someone wanted to pull the tag out and broke it instead and put it back in its box!! I am disgusted by such action. It costs me £193·37! My suitcase also is broken as it was opened with the padlock still in place. And this was a new suitcase as well which cost me £50. I want full investigation in this matter and compensation to my loss. It's unbelievable that in the UK and at the airport people can act in such barbaric way.

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