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Andy's complaint against BMW

Andy Pow


19 inch Alloy Wheels cracked

Complaint against BMW

A year ago my 58 plate BMW335I failed its MOT because the 2 rear wheels had cracks in them. As a result, and following some research I contacted BMW to see how they could resolve the issue. As many people have found, despite there being overwhelming evidence to substantiate the fault being with these alloys with run-flat tyres fitted on our wonderful roads, the process to even get them assessed was timely and costly. I ended up replacing the wheels. This year my car has failed again because the near side front wheel is cracked. I am told that BMW will not take responsibility because the issue isn't experienced in other countries, so the fault is attributed to our roads. Whilst that may be the case, I have never experienced any issues with cracked alloys or know anyone else who has - apart from other owners of the same wheels. It is clear that a company that cared for its customers would, by now, have recalled these cars and resolved the issue - obvious solution is to replace the run-flat tyres. Ford would have done this in a heartbeat. So, my complaint is that I am now facing another significant bill to replace another wheel. On the basis that this is a known issue, there is clear proof that the fault could be remedied, my car has only clocked up 38k miles, some compensation to sweeten this bitted pill would be appropriate. BMW pride themselves with being associated with quality. This fault and the reluctance is far from quality. The customer service is, on the surface, sympathetic. A BMW representative said to me whilst he 'couldn't possibly comment', there is an issue with these alloys and BMW knows it, but they will not tarnish their reputation by admitting it. Marvellous, thank you BMW, time to show us that you are, indeed, a quality company instead of laughing all the way to the bank at our expense. We buy a quality vehicle, and pay the price, to expect quality service as well as product. I would very much appreciate a response and offer of some assistance with this. It may well be the last straw, and I have owned 6 BMWs over the last 20 years believing them to be the best cars in the price-range on the road. Regards, Andy

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