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Thomas's complaint against BMW

Thomas doyle


[RESOLVED] - Existing timing chain issue on bmw Diesel engines since 2008

Complaint against BMW

I bought my bmw 520d in October 2014 it has a full service history, I head a rattle coming from the engine and decided to have it diagnosed with Joe Duffy bmw in finglas, They confirmed that it needs the timing chain replaced at a cost of €1900 including a good will gesture from bmw Ireland of 30%. Which was submitted to bmw Ireland on my behalf by Joe Duffy bmw. Why would they offer good will if bmw Ireland say it's out of their hands and it's the customers issue. Since hearing this I have gone on to research and discover that this issue predates back to 2008 with a range of bmw vehicles fitted with the n47 engine. There have been many documented cases where people across Europe have had the same issue and bmw are unwilling to acknowledge that it is a manufacturing issue. The 520d is sold as an executive saloon with a reasonably hefty price tag and bmw themselves say they will only guarantee the chain for the life of the engine which they consider to be 100k miles. But on the other hand they sell these cars as the best in its range good for 300k miles. Now I know that nothing is for certain but should bmw not be held responsible seen as they are selling cars fully knowing that there is flaw with their product from manufacturing. The car I bought in good faith of being fir for purpose from a reputable brand is now likely to cost me €2/3000. I do think this is a consumer issue as I am not the only disgruntled bmw customer. I have spoke to several mechanics who all have confirmed that this has been an issue for quite some time. And know of many cases where bmw have footed the bill simply because they didn't need or want the bad publicity of their product being smeared. Bbc uk have also covered the issue on watchdog some time back. In summary my car is a 2011 520d saloon, it has 109k miles, a full service history, Has been regularly serviced and maintained as specified by the manufacturer. It now needs a timing chain replacement.

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BMW resolved this complaint

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