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Mrs L's complaint against

Mrs L Stuart


Stay at Scotia Airport Hotel Glasgow Airport

Complaint against

Horrendous stay from arrival to departure at this hotel. Rude member of staff at check in, room was basic and most certainly not Deluxe as my confirmation stated, window looked onto over spilling rubbish bins, the so called closet off a bathroom had a loose toilet seat and instead of proper glasses, it had the cheapest of cheap plastic ones which had been used and replaced back into their poly bags, DISGUSTING. When booking I was asked if I had any special requests, I requested a quiet room and a continental breakfast only as I had a very early check in. On arrival the extremely rude member of staff informed me they did not do any type of breakfasts until after the chef came in at 07.00, which is absolutely ridiculous being an airport I even said that Tea and Toast would be fine, but, again was informed that was not possible. The so called quiet room, another disaster, every time another guest arrived, I heard the complete check in conversations, as they were in the same room as myself. I reported this to on several occasions on my return from holiday, it took 3 emails before they even replied. It turned out to be a complete waste of time, as they made it quite clear that they did not listen, nor were they interested in anything I said. I received a telephone call from a foreign gentleman, who I could hardly understand, I informed him that I wanted a Manager to contact me asap and I AM STILL WAITING.That was over two weeks ago and so far I have heard nothing. I have used on many occasions and everything has always went smoothly, unfortunately I most certainly cannot say the same for this last fiasco,I really feel quite strongly about their lack of Customer Service towards me, I would have thought at the very least they could have done is offered me an overnight stay at some decent hotel and not this glorified B & B and not a very good one at that. I myself was a Publican and Hotelier and to be honest if I had treated my customers in the manner I have been treated, I would have, had no Business. Can someone please get back to me and let me know what your thoughts are, regarding my afore mentioned comments on the above establishment. Disgusted X Customer of L Stuart ( Mrs )

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