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John's complaint against Thai Airways

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Ground crew service and Information non existent

Complaint against Thai Airways

on the 3rd April we were flying to Yanggon via Bangkok with Thai Airways on the mid day flight. There was a fault with the plane and the flight was eventually delayed until the following day. As we had onward plans I had to make other arrangements. Initially I asked to be put on the later flight schedule to leave at 9;30 pm. It would mean we would have lost 1 day of the holiday but if we waited until the next day we would have missed two days which included hired cars and tours and the missed the flight on day three which would have been very problematic to say the least. I tried to explain this to the ground crew who were not giving us hardly any information and their concern was zero. I asked if I could purchase the seats on the later flight and they refused. They told me they have to give them to frequent flyers first. Now this may be their policy but I explained I could purchase the tickets online and was prepared to do so but it would be easier to get the tickets from them. The refused to help. I asked for my luggage to be removed from the plane as I would not be getting on it and bought the new tickets. If I had not it would have cost me considerably more and would have meant changing much of the plans we had. Plans that had been put together for over a year. We were not just going on a single destination holiday. Having bought the tickets and retrieved the luggage we had to check in for the 9.30pm flight. We were in fact checking in for nearly an hour as the check in staff could not tag the bags to the final destination. Even though the second flight Bangkok to Yangon was another Thai ariways flight. I explained it was not acceptable for me to claim the bags at BKK airport only to check them again as 1, I am not familiar with the airport and 2. there would not be time. I lost count of the number of times the check in girl had to go and ask for help from her own ground crew to get the bags tagged to RGN. If fact we were holding up the Flight crew as it was so long. The ground staff just did not care. I had to eventually go with her to see a manager, who had such a I don't care attitude, where I had to tell him that he was not going anywhere until this was sorted. He was actually nearly going home. Stating he had been there long enough. I let my feeling be known that this was not acceptable and also said I had been there in fact longer than he and I still had a very long flight ahead. Let alone the considerable extra expense. He was in fact the same manager that walked off while I was asking him to explain where I checked in considering we had been sent to wrong place in the first instance. I also need to mention the Thai Airways information desk was manned by Airport staff not Thai Airways staff as they refused to come out of the office to deal with the situation as you can imagine with a flight delayed to the following day there were many people trying to sort out alternative arrangements. Eventually we did get the bags tagged to RGN and got on the flight. The stress by this time was just unbelievable. All during the holiday I was emailing Thai Airways on their customer support address which was not responded to very frequently. I explained the situation and that if they just upgraded the flights for the return journey we would take no further action. In short they rufessed to do the upgrade and said I need to contact Thai Airways UK when I got back. SO after getting back I emailed them and it had to chase it up after a week as all I had was an automated response. I got a response from the social network group saying they will escallate. As yet still nothing. it is now 8 weeks since the flight. What do I have to do to get thai Airways to respond. They at least need to refund the origanl flight cost and compensation. It is not acceptable to just ignore me.

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