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John's complaint against Eaglemoss

John Ferrett


Don't touch this company with a barge pole

Complaint against Eaglemoss

Don't touch this company with a barge pole ordered a number of items for Christmas presents for my son's with time for delivery. No updates after they took my money and no answer to emails or phone calls "your call is important to us" if it was that important they would answer the phone. The only way I could get them to contact me was when I posted messages on Facebook! They then tell me they lost my account details and address and to send it again. I now find out they supposedly dispatched my order on the 18th but it won't be delivered until after Christmas. I live in Surrey not the outer Hebrides 7 days! Never use them again.now been told it's 21 days for delivery, Christmas delivery 2ndvweek of January! Bunch of crook's. Just found out they have now marked my comments as spam on their pages. Any ideas anyone? I have now had contact from eaglemoss straight after they read my review on this site. Told that my items had been sent and it would now take 21days (at this rate they won't arrive in time for next Christmas!) No dispatch date or estimated delivery and no tracking details. I have sent a number of emails since to get this info but as usual no replies. I have been buying online for a number of years and have always been kept up to date with my order details until I got involved with this bunch of amatuers. It appears the only way to get a response is to embarrass them by going onto Facebook or using this site. They expect me to wait at home from up to 21 days for items that should have been delivered in time for Christmas and which I no longer require as I have had to purchase items from another reliable and reputable supplier because of eaglemoss,s incompetence and failure to provide even the slightest level of service. As I said previously they are either a totally incompetent or a bunch of crook's. I don't expect a good outcome from this and have probably waved goodbye to my money. Avoid them like the plague.

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