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Elliot's complaint against Erode Student Loans

Elliot Kay


A Disgrace of A Lending Company!

Complaint against Erode Student Loans

Long Story short. When Student Loans Company owned the loans, I never got a deferment letter back in 2011, they claimed it was sent yet it NEVER arrived. Then out of no where I owed another £1700. Student loans hid behind all kinds of terrible excuses. Then Erudio bought the debt of SLC. I informed them of what had happened to which they attempted twice to look into it, only to resend what the student loans had already said, which was nothing, hiding behind T&C's that don't stand as the letter NEVER arrived! Then Erudio then offer me a cheq of £72 and £50 for my troubles. What an insult, I want the £1700 that was coughed up removed!

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