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Gillian's complaint against Safestyle

Gillian Dolder



Complaint against Safestyle

After cancellation engineer came out on Good Friday to review the door - which was taped up on the inside to try to keep some of the wind/cold air out). He took lots of photos and checked with spirit level - then informed me he was ordering a new door. Now approaching 9 weeks since then and have over the last two weeks been trying to contact customer services (got a response one evening) still waiting for two man team to call to book - got through to pre-install (surprise surprise when they thought they were getting a sale) who after going through to customer services and giving me same pat as above i said was not good enough - guess what he could not get through to them either. i also on Tuesday but a formal complaint in on their website - you guessed it I am still waiitng spent 12 minutes on hold today (i can only call in my lunch hour) NOTHING thinking of calling the insurance company next

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Customer Standards | | VERIFIED

We have passed this message onto our Services Department, apologies that you couldn't get through previously.

Gillian Dolder | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your response. Let’s see how much longer it will be before a date is booked to replace door

Gillian Dolder | | VERIFIED

Well guess what finally given a date in July today they gave called and cancelled rebooking in October not happy any suggestions where I go from here

Customer Standards | | VERIFIED

Sorry about this, we are speaking with the relevant people for you.

Gillian Dolder | | VERIFIED

This is not good enough I am absolutely disgusted with this. Am I going to be compensated for the extra heating paid last winter and from the coming winter. I have an elderly mother that gets cold very quickly (even in the current climate). If I have not had a satisfactory response by Monday on my work number I shall be contacting trading standards and taking it further.

Customer Standards | | VERIFIED

Thank you. We have passed this to the relevant department Manger who will look in to this for you.

Gillian Dolder | | VERIFIED

Latest update have been given a new date The lady was concerned I get message. I have called the number they called on but cannot get through to confirm date and to confirm it is going to be a two man team

Customer Standards | | VERIFIED

Its the 28 August 2018 and it is a two man team.

Gillian Dolder | | VERIFIED

GUESS what another phone call cancelling yet again. I now so bloody p.......... off. I think I am going to see a solicitor about this and as said earlier report them to trading standards. I am also angry that again they have called my home number instead of work. Come the 4 September I guess they will put back again until they get to October which was the first cancellation date.

Gillian Dolder | | VERIFIED

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