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Neville's complaint against Currys PC World

Neville Chamberlain


[RESOLVED] - Product Support AG

Complaint against Currys PC World

I purchased a computer from PC world and purchased quite a few things with this purchase, including Cloud, Mc.Affee Live Safe for a five year term. Last month, I noticed a payment for £3.00 had been taken out of my credit-card for product support and did not know what it was for. I had problems with my wife's mobile-phone at that time and assume it was for that. This week, I noticed today that another £3.00 was taken from my credit-card, again for Product Support AG. Looking in Product Support AG complaints, I find that PC World has conned lots of customers, and most of them had no idea that they had been signed up to this without them knowing. I wish for this to stop and a refund of £6.00 to be placed back into my credit-card account. Is this possible? They will never get any more business from me, and I will make sure this goes out to millions of people on twitter and facebook to make sure they do not get conned as well.

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Currys PC World resolved this complaint

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Neville Chamberlain | | VERIFIED

Comments from Jay at Curry/PC World in mid July did say 'I have cancelled and refunded you the £6.00. Please allow 5-7 working days for this to be cleared back to your account'. We are now at the date of 10th August and no refund have been made to my credit card account. Jay, could you please check this out. Regards, Neville.


Hi Neville, I am sorry to hear of the situation with the Product Support. Could I ask that you private message us with your full address and contact number so we can look into this for you. - Lloyd

Neville Chamberlain | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message


Hi Neville, Thanks for the details requested, which have enabled us to find the purchase details. I was sorry to learn of this matter and, although the store should have advised of this, provided paperwork and was shown on your receipt, I have cancelled and refunded you the £6.00. Please allow 5-7 working days for this to be cleared back to your account. The store Manager has also been notified so we can try to stop this from re-ocurring. Thanks for letting us know - Jay

Neville Chamberlain | | VERIFIED

Hi Jay. Many thanks for that. I will continue to purchase items from Curry/PC World and hope I never get into this situation again. Once again, many thanks for your quick response. Regards, Neville

Neville Chamberlain | | VERIFIED

I purchased a computer from PC World with all the software. I did not know that I was also paying for monthly support, and as I have seen from many of their customers that I am just one of many. the good thing is that it has now been put right and a refund has been given.
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