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Jacob's complaint against Currys PC World

Jacob Ninan


Faulty Laptop

Complaint against Currys PC World

Purchased a laptop onn 14th August, for work. The laptop has been returned twice already to PC World for repairs as they refuse to aacknowledge that there's anything wrong with the laptop, but it returns with some problem or the other. What's reared its head aagaaiin is the faulty keyboard (Note: I have not corrected this mmessage to demonstrate one of the issues). The other being that a 12 MB file takes over 15 minutes to import. It was 20 minutes earlier and after the second repair, that's reduced too 15 minutes. The third issue is a weak wireless connection. AAll my colleagues haave proper signals and no issues whatsoever, so can't understand why this laptop alone has to lag behind. PC World doesn't accept the laptop is faulty and insists it's got to be repaired at least 4 times before they can deem it 'Not Fit for Purpoose'!!! But that's four weeks of my work disrupted!!!

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Currys PC World failed to resolve this complaint

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Hi Jacob, Thanks for posting. I was concerned to learn of further issues since a recent repair. So I can look into this further for you, can you please confirm any repair/tracking reference and advise which store was involved? - Jay

Jacob Ninan | | VERIFIED

Hi Jay, The receipt number is 151076, dated 13/08/2015. The laptop was purchased at Currys PC World, Hurlingham Retail Park, Fulham. The service docket tracking numbers are: 329507 dated 18/10/2015. 353344 dated 27/10/2015. Just for your information, adding a line to an Excel spreadsheet is taking at least 10 to 15 seconds! I've also lost the wireless! There's more I could add!!! Regards, Jacob.


Hi Jacob, concerned to learn of this as the last repair replaced the keyboard, all hardware parts were subjected to, and passed, manufacturer's individual tests. We can only replace the machine whilst its at our workshop and if the repair takes longer than 28 days or a 3rd repair fails. My apologies, but at this point we have to ask you to send this back in. I have made notes on the workshop system to ensure this is seen by one of our senior technicians & will be given priority. - Jay

Jacob Ninan | | VERIFIED

Jay, Maybe, just maybe, it's time to calibrate & check your equipment. I wish I could send you the videos I've recorded of just how long it takes to add a line to an ordinary spreadsheet. The laptop crashed twice. No wireless. Multiple typing on the keyboard. It can't be just me when everyone else in the office is fine!!! Shall drop the laptop off when I have the time as it's a waste of my time to keep going back to your shop!!! I end up wasting a couple of hours to get there.

Jacob Ninan | | VERIFIED

I have switched off the laptop as it's not worth the hassle any more. All I'm doing is wasting my day and hoping for a miracle!!! It's good to note that you claim the magic number three, your store claims four and it's almost like a random number generation at your whim & fancy. Yes, I am angry & frustrated, because you people don't seem to understand the stress & wasted time.


Hi Jacob, I note you have a CarePlan on the machine. If you would advise of the new repair reference number on handling the machine to store, I can request a replacement machine for you in line the those terms and conditions. The machine must be booked in before Monday and a fault confirmed though to qualify. Hope that may help - Jay

Jacob Ninan | | VERIFIED

Jay, there's an adage that goes by the saying, 'Once bitten, twice shy'. In my case, it's twice bitten! I thank you for the e-mails & effort. I shall try dropping the machine in this weekend & may not require a replacement laptop as I am looking at purchasing a Dell Laptop n the next day or two & Dell should ship it to me in 3 to 4 working days. I shall return the laptop to your shop & as the good book says, 'Man lives with hope'!!! Kind regards, Jacob.


Understood, but should you change your mind simply me us know here and will arrange the request for you - Jay

Jacob Ninan | | VERIFIED

A waste of my time!!!
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