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Sarah's complaint against Currys PC World

Sarah Ball


[LAPSED] Product Support AG - should have stopped

Complaint against Currys PC World

I purchased a Samsung tablet a couple of years ago and knowingly purchased the produst support with it. However I intended to cancel after a year when the product replacement value would not be so much for me to incur myself, on looking for a way to do this I found the paperwork to be very confusing. I was directed to a website which didn't work at the time I was trying to use it. Fast forward a year (during which time I failed to try again) and I was expecting the DD to stop in May 2015 as that's what the paperwork says (24 months after purchase) - but the DD is still going and I can't cancel it from my bank and just don't know who to contact to sort it out now. I took this product knowingly but the paperwork and contact methods are really not up to standard. I would ideally like to be reimbursed for everything past the first year (16 months at £5.50) but I recognise my own lack of efforts in between (unfortunately due to my fiance suffering from PTSD we have found it difficult to keep on top of administration). Please advise how I can proceed to cancel my product support and apply for a reimbursement. I like PC World but I will not be taking any product support again because it is so difficult to administrate afterwards.

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Lapsed. Sarah has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Sarah, Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered in cancelling your product support agreement. If you can kindly provide your full address as it appears on your policy, I will be happy to arrange your cover to terminate accordingly. Should I be able to locate any record of you attempting to cancel the agreement previously, I can also reimburse any payments you have since made. Thanks in advance, Marcus.

Sarah Ball | | VERIFIED

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Hi Sarah, I am unaware of a website that we currently have that you can cancel your agreement. I have logged in and found that this was a pay monthly agreement and will carry on until you wish to cancel. I have also now cancelled the agreement with immediate effect and no further payments shall be taken. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused. > Ollie

Sarah Ball | | VERIFIED

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No problem Sarah, please send us the link when found and we can look into this - Thanks Georgia
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