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Barbara's complaint against Currys PC World



[LAPSED] very expensive data transfer etc. after buying a laptop, ipod and speaker wracking up my bill.

Complaint against Currys PC World

I was served by a very lovely and friendly young woman, she was very helpful. However, looking at the bill I see a string of charges on the bill. I was quoted a data transfer charge I thought it was £20-£30 and also she recommended McFee live safe as being much better than the free AVG I was using on my previous laptop so I agreed to a 3 or 4 yr payment plan for the antivirus only because she said it was much better. I've since discovered that I could have saved myself quite a bit of money and their charges seemed expensive. Let me break it down I paid £499 for a Lenovo Laptop which was recommended as being better than my previous HP laptop. £8 customer support agreement, KNH set up and P 32GB £45 (what's this?), MCA MCA LS + CLD WBW £39 (McFee I've since found out this is not better than AVG when I did not need it), know how data tran and check £30 (this was all I thought I was paying for). MCA MCA LS WBW Mcfee £19.99 and another £19.99 for Mcfee! as I understand it I will pay further £19.99 payment or payments p.a. thereafter for Mcfee, why did I pay £19.99 twice? I did query this with an assisstant and they said it was right. She offered me an £18 discount so in total I paid £803.95. I went back in a couple of times one time was to ask for help as they forgot to put my book marks on the laptop. I bought an ipod for 109.99 plus a speaker for £49.99 at the same time I mentioned I needed the speaker for my classes so needed the music loud enough for a large room and was assured the speaker was adequate. However, the speaker is not loud enough for a large room full of attendees and this is disappointing I asked if I could exchange it and Curries/PC world assistant said that is doubtful.

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Lapsed. Barbara has not responded in 90 days

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Barbara | | VERIFIED

Thank you Lloyd, I have sent you an email this afternoon, I'm looking forward to a resolution, kind regards Barbara

Barbara | | VERIFIED

Hi Lloyd Thank you for your help, I am going to be reimbursed the cost of McAfee which is satisfactory. I was confused about the data transfer and set up costs, I had assumed that Microsoft windows was going to be on the laptop but I could not find it, apparently I was advised to activate it, however I did put the code no. in upon request and was not accepted so had to pay for Microsoft windows again and it was only 2 1/2 yrs ago when I purchased Windows 8.

Barbara | | VERIFIED

All resolved I will be receiving a refund on the McAfee and was exchanged with a better blue tooth speaker. The manager who helped me was again very helpful and was surprised that I thought Curries/PC world would not exchange my speaker, she said of course we are happy to exchange for you, a very pleased outcome.


We are sorry to see that you have closed your complaint as dissatisfied given the resolution implemented and your final post comments. I do hope that we are able to turn this around for you in the future. - Lloyd


Hi Barbara, I am sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the service you received. I would be happy to look into the charges from your purchase. If you could email me your full address details and a copy of the above at [email protected] - Lloyd

Barbara | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your email this is very helpful, I will email Lloyd today, thanks again.

Barbara | | VERIFIED

Hello, just in case you did not receive my response I'm letting you know that I have just emailed Lloyd and will let you know what the resolution is. Thank you very much for helping, kindest regards Barbara


Hi Barbara, My apologies, I appreciate we are a long way down the line since your original post (a system glitch mean't we were unable to respond previously). If there is still any outstanding issue, do let me know so I can help further. Alternatively, please do not hesitate in contacting us through this channel in the future. All the best, Marcus

Barbara | | VERIFIED

I'm just wondering why I never had the Mcafee reimbursement that I was promised, I cannot see it in my accounts, please can you check and see why they never paid me back, thank you.


Hi Barbara I assume this refund was requested when you returned the software to the branch? If this is the case i'd like you to forward your address and receipt details to [email protected] I require teh 6 digit receipt number, the 4 digit branch number, and also the date printed on your receipt. Once received, i'll gladly chase up the refund with the relevant branch. Richard

Barbara | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your speedy response, I would have gone into PC world but it's a fair distance to go. I have found the receipt and I will get this scanned but it won't be until the weekend so I will email you early next week. Thanks again.


No problem Barbara, we look forward to hearing from you. Marcus.
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