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Anna's complaint against E.ON Energy

Anna McMaster


Can I get some useful information please!?

Complaint against E.ON Energy

We moved into a new property last November. Unfortunately when they left, the former owners gave incorrect meter readings. We were contacted three months later by EON to get new meter readings - obviously ours did not match. They sent someone round in January to get official readings. Over the summer we were again contacted and told our account was hundreds of pounds in arrears and our flat monthly rate would go up to £170. This is nearly double what we were paying. We started ask neighbours what they were paying - our immediate neighbours have property sizes exactly the same as ours and are also families of two adults and small children or babies. Turns out they are all paying significantly less than us. My husband and I contacted Eon several times after finding this out, each time to get a breakdown of our bill. We also asked about what makes bills high, whether we are spending more on gas or electricity. No one could give us any information. The standard answer seems to be "everyone has a different usage. But how can this be true when our neighbours live in the exact same properties as us with the same amount of household members? Do we have an appliance using more energy? Should we replace our boiler? I found the customer service reps to be utterly devoid of any useful information and none of them seems happy to help. Very frustrated indeed and looking into switching providers.

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