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Tanya's complaint against E.ON Energy

Tanya Millar


cannot get account correct

Complaint against E.ON Energy

Good afternoon I moved into this property on 12th December 2014, I contacted e-on about the gas account as we were already with them for the Electricity account. I was informed we did not exsist which was strange as we had the electricity account. After several phone calls and talking to their rep, we finally on the 14th September got an account for 386.67 on account number 0147 3241 0100, on the same day we received an account for 70.53 for account number 0149 9288 9100 final gas bill addressed to the Occupier. I rang and spoke first to a employee and on another occasion another employee both stated this account is not ours but the Builders, and they would forward the account to them. How can it be our final account addressed to the Occupier? The date on the account is incorrect from 27 Jan to 30th......... firstly, no one can use 67.17 in gas in 3 days the gas account 0149 9288 100 also states previous reading on meter number u6501182661402 is 0 when the account was opened and shows a reading of 00151 when the account was closed and a credit of 503.09cr which is were the builders paid the account to September the 67.17 is from September to December 2014. #My reading when we moved in is 00151 the same as when the last reading was done by Builders. My account number is 0147 3241 0100 totally different account number to Builders. E-on have contacted debt collectors who are becoming annoying.and persuing us for an account which is clearly not ours Thankyou

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E.ON Energy failed to resolve this complaint

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Tanya Millar | | VERIFIED

EON have replied however they still have not got the account right and have not confirmed they have contacted the debt collectors still not satisfied

Tanya Millar | | VERIFIED

Eon sent e -mail to me addressing the account which was the builders. Have been assured no more debt collectors, no apology or explanation as to why the builders account had been sent to me and forwarded to debt collectors not exactly satisfactory
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