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Catherine's complaint against E.ON Energy

Catherine Steele


court case over billing

Complaint against E.ON Energy

I have had billing issues with Eon for roughly 2 years, since I became the tenant of a small 2 bed house rented from a housing trust. With none or minimal assistance or co-operation. However over the course of phone calls, I have since discovered incorrect & irregular information. I have since discovered that the debt incrued dates back to prior my tenancy & during a time when I was unable to use fuel due to the meters being capped. Having attempted to prove payment repeatedly & by several methods, I have had notice within the last month that the case would be sent to court to force new pre pay meters with a payment plan into my home. Despite having had details of payment & spoken to various representatives of the company, no action has been taken to amend mistakes or accept evidence of payment. I am now being forced to repeatedly pay bills, despite being on a strict income.

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