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Francis's complaint against EE

Francis Phillips


Mobile Phone Contract with T Mobile, 2 years 3 months. My contract/account transferred to EE be defa

Complaint against EE

My Mobile Contract due for upgrade in September 2015. Processed upgrade order, declined by EE? A o/s amount of £85.00 unpaid, related to a historic 'pay monthly' sim card, @ £9.99 pm for my son (Orange/EE?). Amount was disputed, as replacement SIM card requested, delayed delivery and so never used? I disputed debt (amount) also queried amount over £9.99 (as signed up to?). CEO respond to my complaint, she says I have to pay full amount and that they don't do price capping (for monthly plans) she stated "no replacement sim, ever requested or sent??" I have the replacement SIM card, still intact? I feel so persecuted by this situation & intimidated by her insisting SIM card replacement, a lie on my part? I have paid monthly contract for over 2 years, never a word about 'debt' in dispute? Prior to this I paid contract phone to Orange, for 4 years. I feel so insulted and my feelings hurt very much - EE my main provider for last 6 years!?! Shows lack of regard or loyalty to customers for their ongoing business. I did reply to CEO and mentioned my having the means to prove her totally in regard to 'sim card' but she not others to reply or challenge my claim in any way. I feel that EE have acted very unprofessionally, debuting my bank account for £45 pm for over 2 year so, then on my request for phone upgrade - start referring to old unpaid debt - disputed (2013). I would like some resolve in order to continue trading with EE. Given the attack on my credibility via CEO Office, I feel an apology due to me and some compromise given toward the disputed outstanding balance? Your urgent consideration and response to my complaint, very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Sincerely, Francis Phillips

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