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Robert's complaint against EE

Robert Mills


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Complaint against EE

Approximately October 2012, I set up a Dongle account with Orange EE, after a while I found that it was not suitable for my needs, so I phoned Orange EE, and spoke to one of there representatives, I asked if I could cancel the Dongle and have Home Broadband and phone instead, we communicated 4 to 5 times on the issue, and finally I was told if I cancelled the Dongle would I set up Home Broadband and phone straight away, to which I replied yes. The reps answer to me was ok, the Dongle is cancelled shall we proceed with Home Broadband set up. I said yes, So we set it up there and then on the phone. and it was working fine. I went on Holiday in January and when I returned I found that I was still getting billed for the dongle, account number 74509973. I phone Orange EE, and that rep could not find the account, I was passed on, to different departments, and finally cut off. I tried to contact them on Numerous occasions, passed on, again and again and cut off. So I went to my bank and cancelled the payments. I started having letters telling me if I dont pay my account in full, it would be handed over to debt collectors. I phoned the debt company and explained what had happened, and I did not here from them again. Then another debt company contacted me in November 2014, I told them the same as I told the other company, They asked me if I was willing to pay £10, to raise the communication or the phone communication that I had had with the rep who I believed had cancelled my dongle, and then set up my Home broadband and phone at the same time. I sent a cheque for 10 pounds to the debt agency, and some days later they sent it back stating that Orange would not give it to them, I tried again phoning Orange , but once again I got nowhere, I had written to there executive department twice, No reply. IEven asked them for compensation for the harrasment they were giving me. Today 04-09-2015 I received another demand from the debt company, asking me to pay up, on principle I will not. I spoke on the phone to them, and they said I should send a check for £10 pounds to Orange EE, and ask them directly for the Tellephone communication, but who do I send it two, they hadn't replied to other letters, The cancelling of my Dongle , and the set up of my home broadband and phone should be on the same communication, although I had talked to the rep on 3 or 4 occasions before that over 3 or 4 days. Am I not allowed to get this information under freedom of information act that would prove that what I am saying is the truth.

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