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Heather's complaint against Pets At Home

Heather Gatland


Distressing Incorrect Details/Insensitivity

Complaint against Pets At Home

I am writing to you due to receiving a letter through the post for a 'new' pets at home loyalty card. I lost my dog BRONSON on the 31st January at a young age of 22 months - which was absolutely devastating, it was a long journey i went through and i was absolutely heartbroken - still am! My father rung up to try and cancel to the card but because the card was in my name he was unable to do this, he expressed that he did NOT want to receive anymore letter through the post as it is very insensitive for me to have a constant reminder. I have recently got a new dog and i went into pets at home for the FIRST time in a while and signed up for a NEW card with my new pets name BETTY. A couple of weeks passed, i received a letter through the post with incorrect details and also the pets name was BRONSON and not my new dogs name. My mother took the letter before i read it as she did not want me to see it as she knows how distressing it is for me to have constant reminders looking at me. This is extremely distressing for me and i find it totally insensitive, i think it is disgusting that you do not keep your records up to date and i wonder how many other people this has happened to. I would like you to correct my details for a start and i also would like a compensation for the distress that this has caused me. I am currently sat here crying as i am writing this. I look forward to hearing your response. Yours sincerely, Heather Gatland

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