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Paula's complaint against Pets At Home

Paula Rae


dont ever go near this place

Complaint against Pets At Home

i took my dog to the groom room in Camden Monday. his tail and butt had been totally skinned, the grooming so if someone without a clue had done it. my dog cant walk he is in so much pain and hasn't left the sofa since Monday..its now Thursday..He has hardly eaten, i have never sene him like this..he loves to go to the park twice a day. i called to complainant got a lot of cold answers, saying they did it for hygiene reasons! i asked for a refund to pay the vet which was 60 pounds..and they said no ! the vet said nothing can be done until it helps and the hair grows, and I'm left devastated for my dog.. this place has to be shut down,read the reviews theres plenty like mine..if only i had read the reviews before. Please spread the word. no dog should suffer like this

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