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sandra's complaint against Pets At Home



pregnancy in my rabbit

Complaint against Pets At Home

I adopted a thefemale rabbit from pets at home. I was told she was micro chipped and was given a voucher to have her spayed. I was told she was 2 years old,and not good with small children. which was fine as I lived alone with my small dog. I brought a hutch for around £100 as a short term measure. because she was a large rabbit and all the hutches were way to small for any rabbit in my eyes. she had a lot of fur missing around her neck but I put that down to stress of living in pets at home for nearly 8 weeks,as I was told. I took her home set up her hutch. she bit the lad as he boxed her up and she bit me as I un boxed her. And she was fat. I looked on line for a large hutch and ordered on the right size According to the R S P C A. she had the run of my enclosed garden in the day. I sat with her every day for 7 days and slowly she came to sniff my feet. then on the 8th day she pulled all her fur out and bit me again. She went in to her hutch and made odd sounds. I fed and watered her and shut her hutch and went to bed. I woke at 6am as normal went out to let her out. It had been a cold nite for June and when I opened her bedroom to see if she was Ok. I was confronted with 6 naked babies cold and dead. I called my vet as she was having more but they were so cold she wrapped them in her own pulled out fur. but it wasn't enough. on the vets advice I got a hot water bottle and towels and wrapped then up and heated then up 2 woke up and 2 more were born. but it wasn't to be.all 8 died. I was mortified. It wasn't even 7am and I was in tears. I boxed up the babies and at 9am took them to pets at home. where I asked to see the manager. I said do you remember me I adopted a rabbit last week from you. Yes I remember he said is everything Ok? so I opened the box.oh god why did you do that that's horrible? Yes I know that's what I woke up to this morning. well it wasn't my fault he said. I said I've only had her 8 days. It takes 21 days to make a rabbit baby? well it couldn't of happened here he said. We had a row about it. Then I asked him to dispose of the babies. He said Ok and I asked for a Receipt for them. which he printed one off his computer for me. I wrote to head office and they sent me £30 of pets at home vouchers. I think pets at home should be banded from selling live stock.and such small hutches, cages etc.

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Hi Sandra, my name is Will Plastow, I work for BBC Radio 4's consumer programme You & Yours. I am currently putting together an item about Pets At Home and would be really interested to get in touch. You can reach me at my email address [email protected]
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