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sandra's complaint against Pets At Home



refused to sell me fish

Complaint against Pets At Home

I was in your Newtownabbey store today with the intention of buying 4 fish for my grand daughter. However, when I asked for assistance, the attendant refused to sell me the fish. I was flabbergasted to say the least and taken a back at his abrupt and rude manner. When I asked why he bluntly stated that he needed to know the size of the tank, I tried to explain along with my daughter in law the size of the tank but the assistant refused to listen stating "I have exams!" "it is company policy!". Stunned by his complete lack of attention he was paying I managed to get another assistant who quite pleasantly said no problem. The attendant (I don't know his name as he removed his name badge!) was still complaining and arguing with me as he eventually gave into his colleague. I asked to speak to the store manager and was astounded by his rudeness. He never listened to what I tried to say and simply said "It is indeed company policy!" and he "was sorry I felt that way". I have never had this said to me in other stores or been treated with such contempt and as a result will not be back to Pets at Home in Newtownabbey. The customer service available at this store is absolutely disgraceful!!! Whilst this may be company policy (please advise me if it is fact a policy), the level of contempt shown towards me by the staff was utterly unacceptable. I hope that you will resolve this matter swiftly and I would like to be contacted with an apology from both parties. Yours Sandra Matthews

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