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Unwell animals at the store

Complaint against Pets At Home

After the passing of a dwarf hamster that i adopted back in 2014, I adopted a second dwarf hamster from Pets At Home. (Jan, 2015) The second hamster, Squiffy, was kept in the back room. The sales assistant warned me that Squiffy was a biter but I was not prepared for the problems that would occur after we adopted Squiffy. Firstly, she was extremely scared of being handled for the first three months of being in our care. It was obvious that humans had treated her badly. After treating her with care and being patient she finally let us handle her. She's still scared of humans but occasionally she lets humans hold her (Usually only me) but not for longer than ten minutes. She's incredibly anxious around new people and often hides in her bed for days, even now. Squiffy also had mites. Being new to owning dwarf hamsters, I had absolutely no idea that she had mites. I'd been told that she'd lost fur due to fighting with other hamsters. (We only found out after we took her to the vet for wet tail) She'd developed wet tail (after having mites for so long) and it was untreatable. We tried antibiotics and it didnt work. The mites have been resolved but it is too late. Squiffy the hamster now has a terminal illness that could've been prevented if staff at Pets At Home treated her or if they'd alerted me to the fact that she needed medical attention. As a devoted pet-owner i'm extremely upset by this. It is not fair for the animals in Pets At Home to be treated so badly. Squiffy the hamster has had a happy life despite being ill but that is due to the fact that I have done everything that I can to make her as comfortable as possible. It's upsetting to see an animal deteriorating and its not fair for Squiffy for having had to be in pain and discomfort for her whole life. She was also misgendered when we adopted her. The staff at Pets At Home are incredibly un-informed. I have been to my local branch to look at rats. One of the rats I saw had a sneeze (I since found out that this is the first sign of cancer in rats, the sales assistant didn't tell me this. Instead she tried to convince me to take the rats home.) I feel that Pets At Home don't care for their animals. They keep animals in tiny displays under bright strip lights for whole days. Its really unfair for the animals and their owners.

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Hi Grace, my name is Will Plastow, I work for BBC Radio 4's consumer programme You & Yours. I am currently putting together an item about Pets At Home and would be really interested to get in touch. You can reach me at my email address [email protected]
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