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Peter Hood


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Complaint against Pets At Home

Almost 3 weeks ago my wife and I went to your Crewe store to fact find regarding cold water Aquarium fish. We asked plenty of questions and the staff were helpful and seemed very competent. We told them what we were trying to achieve. We looked at tanks and decided on a medium sized set up. This came with illumination and a pump with filter system. we also bought some plastic plants, gravel. We bought all sorts of accessories and then set up the tank so the water could settle and come to a reasonable temperature, we had put in the recommended chemicals at this time. The water went crystal clear after another week, so we returned to the shop and bought more stuff as recommended. Things like a net to fish them out some food a pipe to siphon the water out when changing the water or to empty the tank when needed. To this point we had spent a total of £115.73 and we still needed the fish. We went along to the shop Wednesday 17th April to buy the Fish. We knew just what we wanted. We spoke to a member of staff we had not seen before and from the word go she was making it clear she was not going to allow us to have what we were asking for. She was dealing with us in a very aggressive way and when we told her we had looked into this with other staff at this very same store, she all but accused us of telling lies. It was as clear as our tank water she was not going to give an inch and we had got other customers looking at this situation and my wife and I were now uncomfortable and so left the shop. My wife was upset by this as the fish were for her birthday the following day. If I had been told there could be issues with what we were planning from other staff we discussed this with then I would have listened and probably changed things around but no other staff member said a word against our plans. At the time we went in the shop she had two tanks off limits ( no fish to be sold ) which she was draining and messing with and the week before there was a similar situation with another tank ????? The reason she gave us for not selling us any fish ( apart from some miniature see through fish that we would have never found in our tank ) was the size of our tank was not suitable and there were rules. No rules existed on the first 2 occasions we went into your shopto buy stuff, £ 115.73 worth of stuff and based on " The Rules " you had way to many fish in ALL your tanks. Very dissatisfied customer

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