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Michael's complaint against A2 Dominion Group

Michael Ferguson


Social Housing provider, Abuse of Position, huge amount of public money spent to cover abuse up.

Complaint against A2 Dominion Group

Three, so called “social housing” officers, trusted partners to Oxford city council committed procedural impropriety and were untruthful to the council, misleading the council into giving them permission so that their tenant can jump the housing queue with any grounds. The A2Dominion officers used our family as a ruse to do so. Once the council granted their permission, the A2Dominion officers took us to court to claim for losses of rent, a compensation they paid the tenant and the moving costs. All of which they abandoned, some £42,000, at court because we found out the whole thing was bogus. For nearly five years, they ruthlesslessy pressured our family to pay up but I said no something was seriously off with the whole thing and it turned out we were right. A2Dominion is supposedly a “charity” and had spent around £650 in actual repairs. They also spent somewhere in the region of £300,000 of public money in legal fees. If they had not tried to conceal what they had done from us and had been honest and up front with us from the start, it all could have been sorted out six years or so earlier. Not being wealthy people, we were forced to defend against the claim ourselves, A2Dominion used their massive resources and roped in their agents to help then cover up their abuse. The agents were paid handsomely for their services. We own our family home, which A2Dominion are now poised to take away from us as their prize. A2Dominion's claim was utterly absurd and is not what taxpayer’s money is meant to be used for. They did all this because they could, it is nothing but bullying on a massive scale. I have put the details up on a website/blog called dominionoveryou.com, please take a look, maybe something can still be done.

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Michael Ferguson | | VERIFIED

Correction: The line at the top that says "...tenant can jump the housing queue with any grounds." should read "...tenant can jump the housing queue without any grounds" Author
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