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Alan's complaint against Bravofly

Alan hardy


[RESPONDED] Cheap flights that are not!

Complaint against Bravofly

We flew on a booking with this outfit via Travelzoo and found that we were on Ryanair. Advance online booking was not possible with an error/fault message coming up. At the airport we could only Check in by paying an additional £140. The same problem cane up on the return so we went to the airport and after much effort found that Bravofky had corrupted our email address to make online check in impossible. Bravofly seem to have understanding problems over the phone coupled with zero response to email. Ryanair say that they do not work with agents. We flew Birmingham to las palmas on 17th April

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Alan hardy | | VERIFIED

I know that I was getting nowhere until Travelzoo became involved and Bravofly have actually acknowledged my complaint. I am considering filing a cyber crime report with the police if this is not resolved satisfactorily in the very near future.

Alan hardy | | VERIFIED

I am happy to report that I have now had a refund of the check in fee approved and wait to see this on my credit card statement. So I am a lot happier than I was about this company. However, I would have felt much more valued as a customer if the complaint was resolved after the first contact with their customer service department.

Sofia Bianchi | | VERIFIED

Dear Alan, First of all, thank you for your message and for booking with us. Regarding the different email address, this is so that we as your online booking agent can take care of the management of your booking for you. Our confirmation mail is all you require to present at the airport on departure day or otherwise in certain cases there are instructions on how to carry out online check in. I'm aware that our Complaints Department is already working on your case. Kind regards, Sofia

Alan hardy | | VERIFIED

I am awaiting your resolution proposal. Two months for you to acknowledge the complaint does not speak well for customer service. I have been considering filing a cyber crime report with the police.
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