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Melissa's complaint against ITV

Melissa Gill


Jeremery kyle show why has it still not come back on he has helped loads of people hes a good

Complaint against ITV

Id like to know why the jeremery kyle show still has not come back.on i enjoyed watching this on my days off work hes a good man my own mum and dad have been on there he helps people who are ill and people find there lost parents etc its discusting that you can take a show off because of a stuiped man taking his life cos he ant got the balls to tell his wife he cheated he admited it was true there family just want money thats why there blaming him well why go on a show in the first place they new what they was doing and now jeremery kyles life is ruiend by a set off scroungers

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Kris McCormack | | VERIFIED

Complainant against ITV. Hi I like to ask why I haven't had a response back from the Jeremy Kyle show over the like detector test being wro

Kris McCormack | | VERIFIED

I would like to be contacted by someone from the Jeremy Kyle shows. Is wad every personal matter. Thanks

Kris McCormack | | VERIFIED

Kris McCormack | | VERIFIED

It's very important matter and was very personaomn
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